Considered one of the richest lands in flora and fauna, Tortuguero is a sight you can’t pass by.  Located in the Caribbean coast of Costa Rica in the province of Limón, Tortuguero seems like a world apart and has an area of 18.946.9 hectares terrestrially speaking and 52.265 in the marine section. One of its most important inhabitants is the sea turtle; in fact, this land is a sanctuary for these beautiful animals as they come spawn their eggs all year long, with October- December being the highest peaks.


Moreover, it is important to note that the entire park is crossed by a natural system of lagoons and navigable canals that offer scenic views of the rainforest and some of its inhabitants such as the terrestrial turtle, manatees, sea cows, caimans, a great variety of crustaceans and more than 52 species of fish. Other more wild fauna that can be found around the area are jaguars, congo monkeys, poisonous snakes and frogs, raccoons, and bats. Having said this, Tortuguero’s natural abundance makes it a perfect location for investigation and ecotourism and is one of the more preserved locations in Costa Rica because of this.


Apart from Tortuguero’s natural splendor, cruising along its canals you will be able to appreciate Caribbean culture in the Tortuguero Village, a humble town where locals and visitors live and enjoy the beauties of the place. Here in the Caribbean side there is a strong Afro-American cultural heritage and this is also strongly manifested through their food found in the their  local restaurants where you can find their traditional “rice-n-beans” or their fresh fruit juices.


The climate in Tortuguero is humid and is one of the zones where it rains the most (between 5.000 mm and 6.000 mm per year) and thus keeps the forest and fauna well kept. With no artificial ingredients, Tortuguero is the closest experience to natural and authentic living you can find, therefore representing a one-of-a-kind vacation or living experience that is hard to match anywhere else.


If you want to live within nature and possibly see giant turtles nest and hatch their youngsters, Tortuguero is the place to visit.