Costa Rica is known as one of the places with the most biodiversity due to the number of ecosystems. The landscapes of our small country consisting of volcanoes and mountains, tropical forests, plains and the most beautiful beaches in the Pacific and the Caribbean, paint a perfect scenario. Known as a tropical paradise, Costa Rica has a place for everyone, that’s why it attracts millions of tourists a year, especially families who come to relax and enjoy.

You will find activities to satisfy everyone, and accessible budgets for all the family to enjoy. In the Central Valley, you will be able to experience the rich culture in the city. Visit the “Museo de Oro” (Pre-Columbian Gold Museum) for some Pre-Columbian history and extraordinary archeological discoveries, or the Museo de Los Niños (Kids Museum) to learn while playing in an interactive adventure. You will be able to explore the streets of San Jose, actually full of statues of famous local artist Jimenez Deeredia scattered around iconic places.

If you are going to visit Tortuguero National Park its hotels and tours come ready to be delighted by the beautiful white-faced monkeys jumping around from tree to tree. Flora and Fauna are abundant in national parks and conservation areas where you will have the privilege to enjoy them in their natural habitat with your family. You can opt for a paid tour in which specialized guides will be explaining to you about each species that inhabits the area as well as the historical background of how the park was founded.

If you are a beach lover you will be able to enjoy the translucent ocean with perfect temperatures all year long. In Costa Rica, you will have the opportunity of choosing which kind of beach you want: calmed waters, big waves, medium sized waves, rocky beaches, and plenty more. Our country is world known for famous surf breaks in the North Pacific, so surfing is certainly an activity you can enjoy! Take some lessons with a local surfer, they will help you and guide you and your kids through the process of catching your first wave. Find tour offices in each town where you will be able to rent a catamaran or boat to explore hidden beaches or go after dolphins and whales, an 100% recommended experience. Jet ski, kayak, and banana boat are some other fun activities to have a blast with your little ones.

Are you an adventurer but prefer the mountains rather than the beach? No worries! Explore volcanoes and rain forests. You will have the opportunity of horseback riding through the plains up to the base of the Arenal Volcano, or riding ATV’s through the mud in the mountains. One of the main activities done by families is rafting through the Pacuare or Reventazon rivers. This a unique adventure where you will experience adrenaline at times but then you’ll be able to relax and explore the forest from a different point of view while listening and admiring the beautiful flora and fauna around it. Hiking is also a top choice if you are looking to discover turquoise waterfalls hidden in the heart of the mountain.

There are tons of activities to enjoy with your family while discovering our beautiful country! Costa Rica counts with 6% of worlds biodiversity, it would be a shame for you not to visit us.

Tips and recommendations:

  • National Parks charge a fee for the entrance and most of the times they accept cash only.
  • Most national parks do not sell food inside, take your own food and drinks and most importantly ALWAYS CLEAN AFTER YOURSELF!
  • Driving – If you choose to rent a car be careful while driving. During the rainy season, streets may get slippery. Most of the roads to touristic sites have a curvy road through the mountains, so be careful and slow down during curves. We recommend driving during the daytime.
  • Always book ahead! Hotels and car rentals may be full during the peak season, come with your reservations ready.
  • Most pharmacies here ask for a certified medic prescription for several products, bring your own medicines!
  • Taxes are of 13% but come included on your bill! Nevertheless, if you went to a restaurant and they had an extraordinary service you can leave them an extra tip.