Costa Rica is home to 5% of the world’s biodiversity which stands for almost 615 wildlife species per 10,000 sq. meters. The small tropical country counts with wild and exotic flora and fauna. 25% of Costa Rica have been made protected areas: 26 protected forests, 20 national parks, 9 forest reserves, 8 wildlife refuges, 7 wildlife sanctuaries, and 1 national archaeological monument.

If you are a nature lover or an expedition fanatic Costa Rica is your place. Most of the protected areas are open to the public to experience how wildlife interacts naturally. Hiking through national parks, within the tall trees of the primary forest while watching white-faced monkeys, sloths, toucans, turtles, and more than 200 species in their natural habitat is just a unique experience. You can also explore the different ecosystem while enjoying activities like paddle boarding, kayaking, through zip-lines, by car, ATVs and more. In the country, you will find at least 12 ecosystems which are defined for the variation of temperatures and the amount of precipitation that the area receives. These include mangrove swamps, dry forests, forest of the lowlands, middle elevation forest, highland ecosystem, coral reefs, and wetlands.

One of the areas which most ecosystems and wildlife is Tortuguero. Due to the humidity and abundant flora and fauna, this place is a natural paradise. It counts with more than 2000 plant species, 400 birds and more than 400 types of trees. Inside the conservation area of Tortuguero which counts of 26 thousand hectares of land and 50 thousand hectares of water, you will find 11 different ecosystems like jungle, lakes, rivers, swamps, and beaches. It is a well-known area to experience the turtle nesting, where thousands of turtles arrive at the beach to lay their eggs. Due to the abundance of small mammals, jaguars and “manigordos, which are another feline species, live here and even share food.

Costa Rica is waiting for you to discover it’s beauty!