Costa Rica is a desirable place for the thousands of tourists who visit the country every year looking for fun or recreational activities, to relax and escape from the daily routine. One of the greatest attractions of Costa Rica are the beautiful white sand beaches that create astonishing scenery with its crystal clear turquoise water. Adding to this the lush forests that contain around 6% of the planet’s biodiversity due to the number of protected areas and National Parks.

One of the most beautiful places that we frequently recommend visiting is the Caribbean coast. Located in the province of Limón, it extends from Nicaragua to northern Panama. In this part of the country, you will find a lot of geographical diversity and different ecosystems: from mangroves to high mountains, its virgin forests, volcanic beaches, white sand beaches… an incomparable beauty.

The Caribbean can be divided into North and South, is very different from each other but just as beautiful with their unique natural beauties. In the North Caribbean, you will find the Tortuguero National Park, known as the Amazon of Costa Rica for its abundant biodiversity and vegetation, is the third most visited national park in the country. Unlike most other Parks, you need a boat, kayak or canoe to travel through the channels and get to the main town. It has abundant fauna and flora, such as alligators, manatees, birds, jaguars and different species of turtles that come to lay eggs in their beaches.

The southern Caribbean is well known for its white sand beaches, the folklore of its people and a warm climate. Located to the south of the district of Cahuita you will find the National Park of Cahuita. A dense jungle where you can find toucans, sloths, jaguars and translucent waters with a lot of corals making this park perfect for snorkeling. In this same region, you will find the lazy sanctuary, which rescues injured or abandoned sloth and take care for them until they are healthy to return to their natural habitat.

The Caribbean is known for its gastronomy because of its Afro-Caribbean roots, with restaurants and coffee shops that will make you enjoy your stay. The popular Rice & Beans, made with rice and beans cooked with coconut milk is the popular Caribbean dish. Small, cozy bars, reggae music, and warm people dancing and singing through the streets will make your vacations unforgettable.

The Caribbean Coast in Costa Rica is simply a wonderful place to visit, with its relaxing atmosphere and its Afro-Caribbean culture you will find the true Pura Vida lifestyle.